Important Guidelines and Instructions


• If you have a fever, cough, or you don’t feel well, please stay home to worship. Our services will be streamed online via YouTube Channel and Zoom Meeting.
• Please come ready to be considerate of others and their legitimate concerns about contracting this virus.
• Please prepare yourself and your family to wear face covering.
• Please prepare yourself and your family to maintain at least six (6) feet of distance from members of other households.


• Be conscious of the social distancing guidelines given by the CDPH.
• Please park in alternate spots or 6 ft away from the nearest car, if possible.
• We ask that each family member prepare to wear a mask as you enter the sanctuary.
• Please use the side doors to enter the sanctuary.
• Please follow the usher’s(safety vest personnel) instructions to be seated in the sanctuary.
• Please ensure your family sits at least six (6) feet of distance from members of other households.


Please be aware of the people/vehicles near you. Make necessary provision for their need for space or distance.
• During adoration time, a microphone will be brought to you if you desire to worship publicly. The microphone shall be sanitized.
• Each family must ensure kids within the family must stay with the family during service. There will be no Sunday school for the Children as recommended by CDPH.
• We will not be collecting our offering physically, but as always, you may give online.
• The Lord’s Table will be served by elders taking all necessary advised precautions.


We do not have fellowship after our regular services and in general we will not be having fellowship time unless we do it outdoors with all precautions. Please consider to maintain distance in case of any fellowship activity.
• Please plan to leave the sanctuary after minimal greeting following completion of service. We suggest not using the Children’s Park as it has not been cleaned and is not ready for children to use.