The greatest missionary, who ever lived on earth was the LORD Jesus Christ Himself. He left his father’s abode, the glories of heaven and took the form of a man, and died on a cruel cross, so that He might reconcile sinful men and women back to God. His message was God’s great love for mankind.
The God of the Old Testament is a missionary God, calling one family in order to bless all the families of the earth. The Christ of the Gospels is a missionary Christ; he sent the church out to witness. The Spirit of the Book of Acts is a missionary Spirit; he drove the church out from Jerusalem to Rome. The church of the epistles is a missionary church, a worldwide community with a worldwide vocation. The end of the Revelation is a missionary End, a countless throng from every nation. So It may be apt to say that the theme of the Bible is a missionary and ministry. The evidence is overwhelming and irrefutable. Mission cannot be regarded as a regrettable lapse from tolerance or decency. Mission cannot be regarded as the hobby of a few fanatical eccentrics in the church. Mission lies at the heart of God and therefore at the very heart of the church. A church without mission is no longer a church. It is contradicting an essential part of its identity. Church is indeed a mission.
According to Ephesians 4:11-13, different ministries exist to build up the body of Christ which is the Church. Please navigate through the following ministries to benefit from, involve or even contribute to.