Worship Ministry

Worship is one’s heartfelt expression of love, adoration, honor, and praise to the Living God with an acceptable attitude and an acknowledgment of His supremacy and Lordship.
Morning Service: 10am – 12noon | Sundays
Evening Service: 5pm – 7pm | Sundays
We gather on the Lord’s day to offer worship to our Lord. It is a unique privilege and the very reason for our existence.
While we do not believe in the importance of any particular format, we currently adhere to the following order of service.
It starts with a few songs of worship. Our worship team assists everyone to worship God in this manner. Songs are selected from different languages including English, Telugu, Tamil & Hindi. If there is a song that glorifies God, exalts Christ, allows us to make melody with the rich indwelling of God’s word, you are welcome to enable us to learn and worship no matter the language. This is a preview of the worship we’ll witness in Heaven –
“…from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb…” (Revelation 7:9-11).
This is followed by a period of offering verbal individual worship a fruit of lips from a broken and a contrite heart which is preceded by a brief exhortation from the Bible to prepare ourselves to worship Him.
We then move to observing the Lord’s table of communion. Again, one of the brothers bring a brief exhortation to prepare our hearts to take part in the table in a worthy manner.
Offerings and announcements follow.
Finally, we hear the main message from the Word of God that He has prepared for us. It usually lasts around 45minutes.
The worship session closes with a prayer and benediction.
Worship Team
Worship Choir


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