Good Friday Service – March 25 – 7.45pm – Fellowship Hall

ServiceTime : 7.45pm onwards
Pizza and Soft Drinks follows @9.45pm
A non-Christian once directed her inquisitive question as to why Good Friday is called good although it is the day when Jesus Christ died? This is an engaging question that can be asked and answered for many of our non-Christian friends to give the truths of the Gospel.
Now to the answer: Although Christ’s death is the most excruciating death(comes from the Latin word – which literally means ‘out of the cross’),  yet it is in no wise a helpless or a hopeless one. Christ himself said that just like a good shepherd, He is willing laying down His life for His sheep and that He has the power to lay it and to take it. Even as there are many reasons as to why Good Friday is really good, Let  me give three brief reasons for considerations:
1. Christ’s death was an atoning death taking our sin and shame in our place. He carried our sins as the lamb of God who takes upon Him the sin the world. Although He knew no sin, yet He became sin for us, so that in Him we can be made the righteousness of God.
2. It is at the cross that the grandeur of the attributes of our God are come in full display. To see His magnificence we get a glimpse of it in dwelling upon the words of Christ on the Cross. Though being on the cross, Christ and God display to mankind the great attributes of love, mercy, justice, goodness, forgiveness and kindness to mention a few.
3. Greater love hath no man than this that one would lay down His life says Christ in John 15:13. Indeed Christ and our Heavenly father not only love us in word but also in deed that God demonstrates His love for us that while we were yet sinners, yet weak and in fact enemies to God, Christ died for us. Indeed He first loved us and the greatest of the love was clearly demonstrated. Hmm..