Hallelujah Family Festival 2016

During this time of the year as we are approaching the season where there are so many different kinds of celebrations around us from different cultures(in the name of All Souls day, popularly called Halloween and the Festival of Lights), it’s possible that we can easily loose track of what
is really being celebrated and what is worth celebrating?
Having said that, Have you wondered what is the biblical view of coming from Darkness to true light? Is there a biblical perspective about celebrating Halloween, If so what is it? What has happened almost 500years in the last days of the same month? What is “after darkness light” phrase describing. More importantly, how can we truly celebrate light? Can we live and walk in it?
Come join us as we consider these questions to hear clear answers of truth and blessing as we will have guest speaker Brother Paul Sudhakar minister God’s word during the family festival.
Don’t miss to join us and invite your friends for a time of celebrating the family that we are particularly on October 29- Saturday from 1.30pm as we will have a time of fellowship with barbeque, games followed by a special session(@4.30pm) and dinner(7pm). Hope see you all.
– Beloved’s Church

Summer Conference 2016

There is a something called the 80/20 rule which probably was introduced by Italian economist and has made into the circles of management and entrepreneurship. The rule simply means that 80 percent of your outcomes come from 20 percent of your inputs. This Pareto principle as it is well known is extrapolated into management where it is identified that 80% of the work is produced by 20% of the workers. Unfortunately, this worldly principle seems to have been crept into our Lord’s kingdom work and into the body of Christ as well where it is not false to say that most of the Lord’s work is done by a faithful few.
This is not be, particularly as we are saved by His grace which is the God’s riches at Christ’s expense.  Indeed it is not of works lest any man should boast as we read in Ephesians 2:8-9. But, seldom do we continue to read on, or remember the remainder of Paul’s thought that we are saved unto good works in Christ Jesus which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them. It is in this context we need to be spoken by the Lord on how we are all truly “Saved to Serve” i.e, saved and called to serve our Lord through serving one another.
God willing, we will have Brother Kenneth Timothy(Sydney, Australia) who has been serving the Lord for 20+ years in various Hebron(Hyderabad) related assemblies, bring us God’s word on August 12-14(Fri-Sun). May you join and be blessed.quiz2016

Apart from the reviving messages we will be

having many other things through the sessions:
1. Quiz from book of Judges
2. Children’s presentation
3. Snack, Lunch & Dinner.
4. Hermenuetics class Graduation
5. New Classes Information
5. Testimonies time
6. Church App Launch.
7. Child Care
8. New Sermon Series Introduction
So don’t miss and feel free to extend this special summer conference invite to all your friends and family and be blessed!
Looking forward to seeing you.
Yours In Christ,
Beloved’s Church